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frequently asked questions

What is Routinely?

At Routinely – we’re all about making it easier to be your best self

Great Products x Easy Delivery

Our products are designed to help you be the best throughout the day – starting with building a sustainable routine. Our single serve sachets are delivered through a convenient monthly subscription to help you keep on track throughout the day.

We have worked with our team of chemists to develop products that boost energy, focus and recovery to promote holistic health, fitness and wellness.

It’s important to keep it simple
Making good choices should be easier. There’s a complex world of nutrition, supplement and wellness shops out there with a wide range of products.

Routinely was developed to make it easy to understand how to increase your focus, performance and wellness in an ultra-convenient single serving that works for you – at home, at work, in the gym, in the surf or on the bike – whatever floats your boat.

Our single-serve sachets make it incredible – wherever you decide you need them.

We focus on what’s inside
Working with our experts we’ve worked hard to develop products that are transparent. We want our consumers to be able to see exactly what they are putting into their bodies – Our labels are transparent, with no proprietary blends or secrets.

Routinely is here to change the game. We want you to select any combination of products and flavours to suit your goals and lifestyle and made it easy to change it up each month. We don’t make you buy 3kg’s of products just to get three flavours…

Pick, mix and save, it is that easy.

How much does it cost?

We work hard to make sure our great products come at a super competitive price.  The benefit of using Routinely is that the more products you use each month – the better the price gets. 


We reward loyalty with discounts for longer subscription terms.

How can I change my plan after I have subscribed?

If you need to make changes to your plan, be it change your flavour profile or to increase the quantity of a particular product, log into your account and make the necessary adjustments on your Subscriptions tab.

Can I cancel my subscription?

For sure. Just log into the Routinely members page and edit your subscription requirements. We’ll be sad to see you go though.

What is a Bolt-On?

Everyone’s different – so to help us all maintain a balanced lifestyle we offer ‘bolt-on’ products to tailor your plans to your needs. 


The more products you Bolt-On, the most cost effective your subscription becomes.

Can I tailor my subscription?

Great News, Yes! That’s how we designed Routinely to be used.


Each month you can mix and match products and flavours to your subscription.  No more taking one flavour for a whole month (unless you want to).

How often do you deliver?

We deliver monthly. We aim to get you your next months Routinely pack before your current pack is completed.

What flavours are available?

Our core range of flavours is available with all the ones people love. 


We’re big on listening to our members so we will be asking for new recommendations and offering up new flavours and products. 


Watch this space!

Can I combine different flavours in one subscription?

Yes! You can mix and match flavours however you choose. Feeling adventurous? Select the randomise option on the website and we will pick a selection of flavours for you.

How do Subscriptions Work?

We make it easy to focus on being your best self by offering a flexible subscription, delivered monthly, for our awesome products. 


Select the products you want for the desired duration and the supplements will be delivered to you.   If you want to mix it up- Adjust your products and flavours before the next month.

How do I update my billing and delivery information?

Log into the Routinely members page and edit your details.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes, you can pause your subscription. Subscriptions can be paused for up to 30 days. Your subscription will resume automatically after the pause. You will need to notify us within 14 days of your next delivery date if you are going to pause your subscription.

What if the product in my subscription is out of stock?

We will notify you that the product is out of stock and ask you to make another selection. We will also notify you when the product is back in stock.